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Safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly, HyO’s patented process delivers the world’s first and only molecular hydrogen and oxygen delivery system for agriculture.
HyO Technologies, a leader in molecular hydrogen generation, discovered a major breakthrough for creating hydrogen and oxygen DIRECTLY and SAFELY in a waterline, for use in agricultural applications. As you peruse our website, you will find absolute scientific proof of the benefits of hydrogen-rich water (HRW) for:

Post-harvest cut flowers, plants and produce

Livestock, poultry and fish

For plants and crops of all kinds

Scientific studies involving lab and in-field testing have been ongoing for decades, quantifying the amazing results and promoting a new ‘hydrogen agricultural era’ to come once an affordable, safe and commercially viable technology has been developed. We at HyO Technologies believe we have developed the solution to usher in the hydrogen era in agriculture. Finally, a safe, affordable and commercially viable technology to deliver hydrogen enriched water for agricluture, to increase freshness of cut plants and produce, health, growth and stamina in livestock, poultry, fish, plants and crops of all kinds.

Our products are designed to connect directly to the waterflow line, where hydrogen and oxygen is created in the flowing water, as it passes by our tech, homogenizing, micro-bubbling and dissolving into the water itself along the way to the target. The video below demonstrates molecular hydrogen and oxygen bubbles when no pressure is on the waterline, as well as dissolved hydrogen and oxygen when pressure is applied, as is seen in most irrigation practices. Both are perfectly safe for commercial use!

There is little-to-no maintenance involved and no inputs to manage. Just turn on your water like you always do and your HyO system comes on automatically and turns off automatically when the water is turned off. It couldn’t be SIMPLER!

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