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Hydrogen and Oxygen Rich Irrigation for Indoor Grows and Small Farms
The HyGrO system is a revolutionary advancement for the delivery of key nutrients to a multitude of plant species. Replicating mother nature’s effect from thunderstorms the HyGrO system delivers significant amounts of oxygen and hydrogen, which are key amendments, directly to the soil.

Hydrogen and oxygen improves plant respiration, mineral uptake, and water movement in roots, all of which have a positive impact on plant growth and productivity. The addition of hydrogen and oxygen from our HyGrO technology allows the plant to thrive at an accelerated growth rate, similar to what farmers know to be a ‘bumper-crop’ which comes from frequent thunderstorms over their farm.
17 Essential Amendments
A Primer on the Benefits of  H2 and O2
• Hydrogen (H2), carbon (C) and oxygen (O2) are non-fertilizer 'essential' elements.
• Carbon is derived from the breakdown of organic matter, becoming available to the plant roots rhizosphere; Aeration practices help to get O2 to the root's rhizosphere; H2 becomes available via photosynthesis and via microbial and enzymatic activities in the soil.
• Each of the other 14 nutrients are available by simple addition to the soil by way of fertilizers, but H2 and O2 have never been available to simply add at more significant amounts for potential higher yield, health and stamina of plants – until now.
• Farmers know all too well that their 'bumper crop' seasons were directly tied to frequent, well-timed thunderstorms passing over their fields; what we now know is that these events delivered significant amounts of hydrogen to the soil: HyGrO - HyGrO Technologies
• Indoor grow operations cannot realize the yield benefits from a ‘bumper crop’ since they do not naturally receive hydrogen from thunderstorms.
• HyGrO delivers 'lightning-on-demand’ – whether you’re looking to grow crops at an indoor grow operation or outdoor farm, to raise animals at an apiary or ranch, or even to preserve plants, flowers and produce at a wholesale or retail location.
• HyGrO allows for the simple addition of essential Hydrogen and Oxygen ‘on demand’ into your current watering practices.
A significant number of the 17 essential elements require hydrogen or oxygen or both to make those nutrients available to the roots for uptake.

How HyO Works


Welcome to the Hydrogen Revolution
Easy Integration
HyO integrates into any existing irrigation system at a nominal cost.

Low Electricity Costs
HyO is tuned to operate efficiently and is a low power consumption technology.

Timely Usage
The HyO unit automaticly detects water flow and turns itself on.
As a result of HyO's effects on health, stamina and yield, the monetary returns will be self evident.

On-Demand Hydrogen + Oxygen
HyO creates hydrogen and oxygen inside the waterline to be delivered to the target crop, on-demand.

Secondary Benefits
HyO potentially reduces the need for certain fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other inputs.
HyO is scalable from small to medium to large farm operations (indoor or outdoor).

Versatile Grow Media
HyO can be used by any type of plant and in nearly any grow media, whether it be outdoor/indoor soils, hydroponics or aeroponics.

Test Results
Click Here to see our test results.
Safe to Use
The technology within HyO’s hydrogen production methodology is safe, being micro-bubbled and dissolved in water.
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